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Why should you ensure that your blood glucose level is monitored?

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Getting your blood glucose level checked is very essential especially for the diabetic patients. Even those free of diabetes should get their blood glucose monitored. Keeping a log of these results is vital in controlling the diabetes. These tests are an important tool to prevent long-term complications of diabetes and keeping it under control and can be checked at any time.

What your blood sugar tests will tell you
The blood sugar tests offers useful information for diabetes management.

It helps you to:-
• understand the impact of your diet and exercise on blood sugar levels
• realize how successful your overall treatment goals are
• monitor the effects of diabetes medications
• understand the impact of other factors such as stress and illness on your blood sugar levels
• identify dangerously high or low blood sugar levels before it is too late

When to test your blood sugar
Your doctor or qualified physician will advise you how often you should check your blood sugar level. The type of diabetes as well as the treatment plan will decide the frequency of testing.
For Type 1 diabetes
The doctor may recommend testing your blood sugar 2 or more times a day before each meal and or at bedtime.
For Type 2 diabetes
You need to have your blood tested for Glycated hemoglobin (A1C) level. This blood test will indicate your average blood sugar level for the past two to three months.

It is important that the diabetic patients are able to monitor their blood sugar at any time or place. You should always have your testing supplies with you at all times. It is essential that you incorporate your blood sugar testing into your daily routine and follow the right procedure to ensure you get accurate results. Consult your physician for more information on how to test your blood sugar levels and what type of treatment is right for you.


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